I started playing music just before class.  It fills the awkward few minutes when most of the students are already in their seats, and when the song ends, it’s a signal for them to put away their cellphones.  It’s also a subliminal business law lesson!  I pick a song to match each day’s topic.  Help me find more!

Introduction / Role of Attorneys in Business – “One Million Lawyers,” Tom Paxton (1985)

Civil Procedure – “Good Morning, Judge,”  Wynonie Harris (1950)

Civil Procedure – “So Sue Us,”  Dance Hall Crashers (1995)

Constitutional Law – “God and Guns,” Lynyrd Skynyrd (2009)

Privacy Rights – “Private Eyes,” Hall and Oates (1981) 

Civil Rights Act of 1964 – “The Way It Is,” Bruce Horsby and the Range (1986)

Crimes – “I Fought the Law,” The Bobby Fuller Four (1965) (I play this along with a slideshow of famous white-collar criminals.)

Offer and Acceptance – “My Only Offer,” Mates of State (2008)

Contractual Capacity (Minors) – “I’m Eighteen,” Alice Cooper (1971)

Consideration – “No Consideration,” Jimmy Burns (1999)

Promissory Estoppel – “Promises, Promises,” The Naked Eyes (1983)

Breach and Remedies – “The Remedy,”  Jason Mraz (2002)

Partnerships – “Do You Wanna Partner,” from the Bollywood romantic comedy, “Partner” (2007)

Partnerships – “It Takes Two,” Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock (1988)

Business Ethics – “Why Don’t You Do Right,” Peggy Lee (1950)


* After using the term “LawTunes” to describe these songs all semester, I learned that there is an actual band with this name.  They specialize in Xmas tunes for overworked JDs – such as “Another Billable Christmas,” “Yule Hear From Our Lawyers,”  and “I Got A Footnote in My Stocking.”  Rock on, fellas.  Just make sure you get that filing done first.


2 thoughts on “LawTunes*

  1. For Civil Rights Act of 1964 ~ Come Together/The Beatles
    For Crimes ~ Take the Money and Run/Steve Miller Band
    Partnerships ~ So Lonely/The Police
    Promissory Estoppel ~ Train in Vain/The Clash

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