Georgia Ballot Measures for the November 2016 Election

There’s a lot more to your ballot than the top of the ticket!  This year, Georgia voters have four opportunities to amend the Georgia Constitution to address issues such as public school management, funding to fight sexual exploitation, the fate of our state’s judicial watchdog agency, and taxes on the sale of fireworks.  Make sure you are informed before you step into the voting booth!  WRGC’s Dan McDonald and I discuss the four questions you’ll see on Georgia ballots Nov. 8th.


God, Guns, and the Georgia Legislature

Last session, the Georgia General Assembly passed controversial bills on campus carry and religious freedom.  While Governor Deal vetoed those bills in the eleventh hour, we are likely to see some elements revived when the legislature reconvenes.  Tune in to my WRGC interview to learn what was in these bills, their proponents and detractors, and the reasoning behind the Governor’s vetoes.

Constitution Week 2016

We wrapped up another incredible Constitution Week at Georgia College!  Here were some of the highlights:

Chief Justice Hugh Thompson of the Georgia Supreme Court discussing access to justice and the court’s expansion;

State Rep. Alan Peake discussing medical marijuana initiatives;

A panel of state legislators discussing recent campus carry and religious freedom bills;

Jason Carter and Josh Belinfante discussing voting rights, poll access and ballot security.

Check out my interview with WRGC’s Dan McDonald where we talk about the week’s events.


Georgia’s HB 757 – Free Exercise Protection Act

The Georgia Legislature recently passed the “Free Exercise Protection Act.”  This bill, which combined several pending bills, addresses (1) the obligations of religious entities to provide employment and services they find objectionable, (2) the power of the state to restrict or punish persons acting according to their religious beliefs, and (3) what happens when a public official’s duty conflicts with her faith.  The Act, which awaits Gov. Deal’s signature, has been condemned by a number of business and LGBTQ advocacy groups as potentially encouraging discrimination.

Click here for my recent interview with Georgia Public Broadcasting on HB 757 and its legal implications.